Managed Cloud Services
Leverage the Full Power of the Internet


Your Network Anywhere

Move your computer systems out of your office and put them in the cloud. Let Green Qube do a network assessment to determine the cost advantages of having your IT systems in a hosted environment.

  • Pay for only what you use
  • Flexible, scalable environments
  • Always up to date software
  • Minimize service issues

Green Qube's datacenter has all the computing power your business will need, complete scalability, and security for every user and application.

Cloud Hosted and Hybrid Networks

Cloud computing can be a hybrid system with some applications and storage operating on your internal servers and some on Green Qube's. When deciding for your company, Green Qube will consider your business needs, the type of data you are working with and your applications to determine the right setup for your company.


Let Green Qube Give You a Business Analysis to see How We Can Improve Your Network and Save You Money.

Managed Cloud Hosting: the Best Performance Without Purchasing Hardware.



Company data is very secure through managed cloud hosting



Computing power faster than your in-house servers



Deploy anywhere with all your applications and up-to-date software

Remote Workforce

Employees in all locations have access to all files and collaborate seamlessly.

Save on Hardware

No need for powerful desktop computers. Thin clients leave the computing power to Green Qube.

Cost Efficient

Add employees with minimal hardware costs and fast provisioning. Pay for only the seats that you need.

Office 365

Installed and always up to date easily for all users everywhere

No Lost Files

Cloud desktops are always backed up, so no more worries about lost laptops or deleted files.

No Maintenance

System upgrades and software updates are all managed by Green Qube.


Encrypted and secure connections for sensitive data and regulatory compliance

Migration Support

Green Qube provides migration to the cloud for hosted desktop users

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