Managed Hosted Desktops
Easily deploy your workforce anywhere

Move your office to the cloud

Save time and money with hosted desktops. GreenQube helps you dynamically scale your workforce quickly with little investment in hardware. We allocate software on any device by through remote deployment of hosted applications such as Office 365.

In your new hosted desktop environment, office computers have the same look, feel and functionality as traditional computers. But the actual computing is taking place off-site at GreenQube’s datacenter—not in the tower sitting under the desk or on an in-office server.



Hosted desktops are powered online as opposed to a local hard drive. Users connect through the Internet to run applications and save and share data.

Increase Productivity with GreenQube Hosted Desktops

Stop downtime from computer problems and network trouble by switching your employees to hosted desktops. GreenQube remotely:

  • installs applications
  • adds users
  • allocates data permissions
  • manages security
  • deploys updates
  • provides support



Work from any device

GreenQube's hosted desktops work seamlessly on any device - phones, laptops, from the office or home with the same desktop, file access and application abilities.

Hosted desktops give you unlimited flexibility to grow and add users, services, and applications without purchasing the IT infrastructure or the headache of maintaining it.

"To add new employees is so easy. And we don’t pay for software updates – they are built in. Latest versions are always available and GreenQube supports all our software for each user. There is no way to do what we do with an internal server."

Work from anywhere

Your office computer desktop and files are always available wherever you login

Office 365 Setup

Get the entire Microsoft suite on all office computers including email setup for all employees.

Office Servers

Never run out of computer storage or processing power. Backups included.


System Monitoring

Peace of mind knowing your system is watched and maintained


Firewalls, backups and protection that prevent cyber attacks from happening

Customer IT support

Peace of mind and headaches gone with superior customer support.

Remote Workforce

Employees in all locations have access to all files and collaborate seamlessly.

Save on Hardware

No need for powerful desktop computers. Thin clients leave the computing power to GreenQube.

Cost Efficient

Add employees with minimal hardware costs and fast provisioning. Pay for only the seats that you need.

Office 365

Installed and always up to date easily for all users everywhere

No Lost Files

Cloud desktops are always backed up, so no more worries about lost laptops or deleted files.

No Maintenance

System upgrades and software updates are all managed by GreenQube.


Encrypted and secure connections for sensitive data and regulatory compliance

Migration Support

GreenQube provides migration to the cloud for hosted desktop users

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