Network Assessment

IT Network Assessment

Get a network assessment for your IT systems. GreenQube evaluates

  • existing IT infrastructure
  • organizational workflows
  • network security and system performance

GreenQube identifies weaknesses in the network and opportunities for upgrades to your business processes.

We help you realize cost savings on future upgrades of hardware and software purchases as well as potential security breeches.


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We had hit a deadend because of growth. We couldn’t advance our business model with the computer system that we had. We have grown 4 times the size since employing GreenQube.

- Norman Hanes, Crossmark Management Group -

Greg and Hunter are high caliber gentlemen. Super customer focus. They have built redundancy so that we never have downtime. No kidding - we have had less than an hour of downtime because of a GreenQube related issue. Our computer systems never fail.

- Rodney Parker, Centric Federal Credit Union -

Overwhelmed with choices and a lack of expertise, many companies often overspend on IT without understanding which technology expenses are vital, a luxury or redundant.

- Forbes -

55% of small business owners feel that their current technology solutions are actually “a hindrance to incorporating or adopting new technologies.

- Insight -

More than half of organizations lack staff with cloud experience and this constitutes one of the primary challenges for cloud adoption.

- Lodgicmonitor, IDC -