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Prepare your business for network disasters

You never know when something will happen. From physical disasters such as earthquakes and floods, to cyber attacks that take down networks, disaster recovery plans are critical to even the most highly secured computer systems.

A 2017 survey of 580 attendees of the Black Hat security conference determined that over half of the represented organizations had been the target of cyber attacks. 20% of came in the form of ransomware.


A disaster recovery plan is essential for every business

GreenQube helps companies recover from natural disasters, cyber attacks and data breeches. We are experts in data recovery and have worked with the FBI on ransomware cases for businesses and governments.

IT disaster recovery plans are procedures implemented in the case of a network failure or system disruption. A legitimate disaster recovery plan will have step-by-step instructions for retrieving data and resuming business functions.

GreenQube's plan to keeping you up and running



GreenQube develops a disaster recovery plan based on your network structure, data needs, and physical locations



We set up backups and redundancy throughout your system so you can run your entire business through our remote servers



After a disaster, your business will be back up and running quickly because of GreenQube's outstanding service and support

Continual testing to ensure backups and recovery methods are viable and up to date.

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