Working from home – part 2

In part one of our tips for working from home, we looked at some things you can do to stay on task and feel more productive. Part two of our tips for working from home focuses on some physical ways to adjust your space. Let's take a look at some adjustments and tools that can help keep you on task and stay focused.


1. A good setup - make sure you’re sitting at a desk using a full-size mouse and keyboard, not a trackpad or laptop keyboard. Improper form can cause shoulder and neck problems to happen quickly. Also the use of a regular mouse will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Small laptop trackpads can be cumbersome and slow your work.


2.  A large monitor (or more than one) – A bigger screen surface makes a HUGE difference when working. There’s more space to work, put files aside, visualize your plans, help with copy and paste functions...there are lots of benefits to having a large screen surface. If you’re working from a laptop, try adding an additional monitor beside your laptop. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive a big screen surface makes you!


3. Standing desks – they say sitting is the new smoking! Since varidesks have come on the scene, there is no excuse to remain sitting all day long. Standing while typing gives you a different perspective and some people find it energizes them and helps them think. You can also adjust the height of your monitor so that you don't droop your neck while sitting.


4. A good chair - Even though standing at your desk is important, sitting is too. You’re in your chair for most of your day and it needs to be comfortable and promote good posture. Investing in a good, high quality chair is worth the money and can help you focus on your work instead of your back pain.


5. Good headphones and a mic - when working from home most conference calls will be through your computer, not your phone line. Therefore it's good to invest in noise-cancelling headphones. Your headphones will allow you to maintain the use of your hands throughout the call for taking notes and typing, and a built-in mic will help cancel out any additional background noises. If you have some Apple Airpods already, try hooking them up to your PC or Mac. They work well and are hidden for the most part from the person on the other screen.

We hope you’ve gotten some good ideas from our working from home tips. At GreenQube we specialize in helping businesses maintain a safe and secure remote work environment. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your business manage a secure remote network, fill out the form below.

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