Important information to our clients

In this time of great uncertainty, our first priority is the welfare of our clients, your employees, and our staff. None of us has a guidebook on how to handle this unprecedented situation; we are all figuring out a new normal together, making decisions on a day-by-day basis. Our mission is to help you proceed with your business and keep your workflow as smooth as possible.    As we help our clients and other businesses set up employees to work remotely, safety is our number one priority. We are protecting our staff in our office by sanitizing workstations often and keeping on site visits kept to as few as possible. Thankfully, most of our service calls can be handled online. If you or your employees need assistance, we encourage you to create a support ticket online and if you choose to call, please be patient as we handle each request with importance and swiftness.   We are sure we will get through this phase of a new working normal stronger and better than we were before. From all of us at GreenQube we thank you for your patience and hope you stay healthy over the next several weeks.  

– Hunter McFadden and Greg Pritchard