6 reasons your small business needs the cloud

The term “Cloud Computing” has taken over the technology world by storm. Forbes magazine estimates that 83% of workloads for large businesses will move to the cloud this year. Enterprise businesses are recognizing the benefits of moving to the cloud, so what about your small to medium business? Here are 6 reasons a move to the cloud can benefit your company – no matter the size.  

  • The Ability to Work from Anywhere

Having all your files, documents and data on the cloud makes them available from anywhere. Enjoy the ability to work remotely, handle issues on the fly, and save time preparing for client meetings. Your work is always available and ready for meetings and presentations. Save office costs for yourself and your employees by working from home. 

  • Collaborate Like Never Before

Collaborate and edit documents together, at the same time, no matter where your employees are. Have access to live, active data. No more emailing files back and forth or risk working from old document versions.

  • No More Lost Connections

Use software-based phones and answering machines instead of traditional phone lines.
An internet-based phone system (Voice over IP) saves call information so that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Calls can be placed, voicemails saved and more from your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your cell phone. You won’t have to worry about being tied to a desk phone that you can only access when you’re in the office, and you won’t have to invest in a new phone system to replace your existing tech.

  • The Flexibility of Device Options

Use any device that connects to the internet to get all your data and apps. Depending on the age and type of device, you may be limited. On the cloud, all the software you need is installed on the cloud, not the device, so you can have all apps, software, updates and security no matter the age or type of device you use. This means you can use your desktop in the office, your laptop at client meetings, your tablet on your commute and even your smartphone while waiting in line at the bank. All devices have the same information and pick up where you left off.

  • No More Worrying About Lost Documents

What happens if you lose your laptop, have a power surge that fries your desktop or an employee is sick and can’t send you a document? Since over a quarter of small businesses don’t have IT support, your chance of recovering those lost files are slim to none. Using the cloud means that your files are backed up online so that you’ll still have access even if a disaster strikes. With everything saved on the cloud you have access to everything by logging on with a working device. 

  • Never Run Out of Storage Again

The cloud stores it all – downloads, updates, projects and software. Since all the files and software are not stored on your CPU or device, it eliminates the worry of running out of storage. 

Making the Move to the Cloud

There are many benefits to putting your small business on the cloud. From accessing files anywhere to backing up sensitive data, it saves time, money and headaches for small business owners and employees. Interested in learning more? Get a network assessment from GreenQube to see how we can move your company to the next level.