Better Patient Care with Centralized Access to Data

Many things are forcing change in healthcare IT. The need for regulatory compliance, cyber crime and security threats, increased use of mobile computing, and the rise of bring-your-own-device have caused healthcare to reevaluate the way networks are structured and secured. As IT networks in healthcare businesses transform, they bring benefits to the healthcare workers and create a better atmosphere for patients. Shared knowledge and faster access to data means better patient care.  

Citrix helps transform healthcare IT by centralizing Windows applications and desktops. With the XenApp and XenDesktop, apps and data can securely be delivered to users on any device in any location. Healthcare workers can easily:

  • Implement a comprehensive and successful mobile health strategy that centralizes desktop, app and data management. This lowers your risk of a security breach and reduces operational costs. 
  • Deliver customized desktops, apps and other critical business and clinical apps on demand.
  • Provide secure access to your critical clinical apps with a high-definition user experience from any device, over any connection.
  • Deliver information immediately to enable providers to make fast, informed decisions related to patient care
  • Centralize your IT department to serve clinicians and staff in distributed locations across the country or state
  • Centralization enables faster onboarding of new users, efficient, system-wide distribution of new apps and upgrades and faster disaster recovery plan execution to ensure business continuity.
  • Enable greater productivity and increase clinician mobility by permitting desktops and applications to follow users from device to device, reducing time to launch applications on successive devices.

With XenApp and XenDesktop, IT can mobilize healthcare by delivering either full desktops or the apps alone to a range of devices, while reducing costs by centralizing the control and security of apps and data. Users can accomplish their workflows on any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone—both on premise and in the cloud. And at the same time IT can secure information and manage varied mobile workspaces. 

These IT benefits can dramatically improve the way clinicians provide care. With real-time access to data, apps and desktops that offer a high-definition experience on any device, today’s healthcare professionals can spend less time logging in and more time seeing patients and reviewing their medical records. 

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