The Dangers of Being Careless with IT Security

The Dangers of Being Careless with IT Security

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, the cost of cybercrimes in 2018 reached $2.7 billion. While larger enterprises typically have more data to steal, small businesses have less secure networks, making it easier to breach the network. 

Small businesses typically lack the security infrastructure of larger businesses and as a result are considered careless with IT security and an easy target of cyber data theft. Many businesses can’t afford a professional IT staff to manage cyber security and they have fewer resources to devote to keeping up with the latest cyber threats. Other reasons include not being aware of the risk, lack of employee training, not updating security programs and failure to secure endpoints.

Fortunately, GreenQube offers peace of mind solutions for small and medium businesses that provide protection against cyber hackers. We recommend a disaster recovery plan – essential for every business. 

  1. Preparation – GreenQube evaluates your network and develops a disaster recovery plan based on your network structure, data needs, and physical locations. 
  2. Implementation –  We set up backups and redundancy throughout your system so you can run your entire business through our remote servers.
  3. Recovery – After a disaster, your business will be back up and running quickly because of GreenQube’s outstanding service and support. 

The key to an effective cyber security plan is to always be protected. Therefore GreenQube provides Continual testing to ensure backups and recovery methods are viable and up to date. GreenQube’s 3 step plan provides peace of mind for any sized business. 

Want to know if your network is vulnerable? Let GreenQube perform a cyber phishing test on your network and employees to see if you are susceptible to a cyber attack.

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